Shredded pork with Beijing sauce is a very famous Beijing dish. Beijing sauce is named after the sweet noodle sauce used in “Beijing roast duck”.


250g lean pork
Half a green onion
2 tablespoons sweet noodle sauce
Proper oil
1 tablespoon starch
Proper cooking wine
1g salt
1 lettuce


Step 1
Lean pork is ready. It can be used front and rear hip tips and pork tenderloin. Lean meat is the main meat, and a little fat doesn't matter. It's according to personal preferences; After buying my pork, cut it into small pieces according to the amount you eat. It's very convenient to take it as you eat;

Step 2
After the pork is taken out of the freezer, it is thawed at room temperature. When the outer layer is soft and the inner part is hard, it can be easily sliced and shredded; This is more labor-saving than cutting shredded meat directly with fresh meat, and the thickness of shredded meat is uniform;

Step 3
Put 1 tablespoon starch, a little cooking wine, and shredded meat, and marinate for a while; After starch sizing, shredded meat will be tender after frying; Starch can be made from corn, potato and pueraria; Pay attention to something. You can put an egg white and catch it evenly;

Step 4
The soul of shredded pork with Beijing sauce is coming: add a little salt to sweet flour sauce, an appropriate amount of cold water, stir evenly and set aside; If you want a darker color, you can add a little soy sauce or soy sauce;

Step 5
Heat the frying pan. After the bottom of the pan is hot, pour an appropriate amount of oil. Don't use too much oil. Just fry a plate of vegetarian dishes; Don't wait for the oil to heat up. Pour the shredded meat directly into the pot and scatter it quickly with chopsticks; Some people pour oil into shredded meat during frying. In fact, it is completely unnecessary; Shredded meat is scattered in cold oil, which saves oil and trouble;

Step 6
With the increasing temperature, the shredded meat gradually changed color, and each one was independent without adhesion;

Step 7
When the shredded meat is completely discolored and the thickness of the shredded meat has not changed, pour the pre adjusted sweet noodle sauce into the pot, heat it to boiling, and the sauce can be completely wrapped on the shredded meat; If you want to save trouble, you can pour the shredded green onion into the pot, mix it evenly and then put it on the plate.