For the new year, I’ll have a different plate of shredded pork with rich Beijing sauce


400g shredded pork
1 bean skin
Right amount of carrot
Appropriate amount of coriander
50g eggs
4 g starch
Proper cooking wine
Proper amount of salt
1g pepper
20G sweet flour sauce
5 grams of soy sauce
Proper soy sauce
Appropriate amount of sauce
8g sugar


Step 1
A bean skin roll, put coriander and carrot, roll it into a long roll

Step 2
Cut it obliquely into 2cm thickness and put it into the plate

Step 3
Add 4G starch, 8g cooking wine, 2G salt, 1g pepper and 1 egg white to 400g shredded meat. Grasp and mix well

Step 4
20G sweet flour sauce, 5g soy sauce, 8g white sugar, 10g cooking wine, an appropriate amount of soy sauce, an appropriate amount of sauce and 23g water. Stir well and set aside

Step 5
Stir fry shredded pork until it changes color, pour in the adjusted sauce, stir fry and color evenly, and then put it on a plate