The old Beijing style dishes are moderately salty and sweet, with strong sauce flavor and unique flavor.


1 pork loin
1 green onion
2 tbsp sweet flour paste
A little salt
Proper amount of cooking wine
Proper amount of starch
Appropriate amount of white granulated sugar
5g ginger slices
Proper amount of oil


Step 1
Get the ingredients ready.

Step 2
Remove the white tendons of pork loin, and then slice into pieces and cut into uniform thickness of shredded meat.

Step 3
Marinate with cooking wine, salt and starch for 15 minutes.

Step 4
Shred the scallion.

Step 5
Cut the green part into small sections and soak it with ginger to make onion and ginger water.

Step 6
Cut the scallion leaves into shreds and set aside.

Step 7
Pour the oil into the pan.

Step 8
When the oil temperature is 40%, put in the pickled shredded meat, disperse it, and let it turn white.

Step 9
Add the right amount of oil into the pot and add the sweet flour sauce.

Step 10
Add onion and ginger water, cooking wine and sugar, stir fry.

Step 11
When the sauce becomes thick, add the shredded meat and stir fry continuously to make the sweet sauce evenly stick on the shredded meat.

Step 12
Spread the chopped scallion at the bottom of the plate, put on the fried shredded meat, and then sprinkle the scallion on the shredded meat.