We have long forgotten that family life is the essence of Chinese people. What Confucianists value most is how a person’s family life, a living home, becomes like a hotel. Look at the people around you and never focus on one family. Cooking at home is the most helpless thing in a day.


250g pork (Tongji, liangza)
2 scallions


Step 1
After slicing the scallion, soak it in cold water. After this treatment, the scallion does not curl and has no pungent taste. After soaking in water for 10 minutes, the scallion is smooth and straight on the plate

Step 2
Cut the pork into shreds, put the shredded pork into the container, add a little baking powder and a little water. After 10 minutes of baking powder, the shredded pork is as noisy as bread

Step 3
After sizing, pour a large amount of raw oil into the shredded meat, and grasp it repeatedly, so that each shredded meat can be covered with vegetable oil. The purpose of this is to prevent each shredded meat from sticking to the pot after it is put into the pot

Step 4
Put the ginger in a bowl, then mix the cooking wine, soy sauce, sugar, water and dried starch into the bowl.

Step 5
When the pot is hot and smokes a little, add the oil. Just add the amount of cooking oil

Step 6
Oil into the pot immediately into the meat, start lubricating oil, do not wait for the oil hot, to immediately put

Step 7
When all the color of the shredded meat changes, you can start to put the sauce, and then put in the sweet flour sauce

Step 8
Stir fry the sauce quickly and pour into the bowls in advance.

Step 9
Stir well the juice in a bowl and it will come out of the pot