Two days ago, my friend sent two packages of Hunan cured meat specialties, one of which is the authentic Xiangxi Wangjia Wula sausage. The shape of the sausage is full, firm, soft and smooth.


150g sausage
1 carrot
150g Huai yam
100g Dutch beans
4 slices of ginger
2 shallots
Appropriate amount of edible oil
Proper amount of salt
A little chicken essence


Step 1
Prepare the ingredients for cooking

Step 2
Prepare a few slices of ginger and two scallions

Step 3
After unpacking the sausage, take two and cook for 5 to 8 minutes

Step 4
The cooked sausage is sliced with an oblique knife

Step 5
Soak sliced sausages in boiling water for 10 to 30 minutes

Step 6
Peel and clean Huai yam, then cut it into pieces with an oblique knife

Step 7
Cut the carrot into diamond pieces

Step 8
Remove the old tendons from the Dutch beans and cut them into two sections

Step 9
Heat the pot, pour in edible oil, add shallots and ginger slices, and saute until fragrant

Step 10
Add the soaked sausage and stir fry

Step 11
Add carrots and Dutch beans and stir fry

Step 12
Add yam slices and stir fry

Step 13
Add salt and stir fry until cooked. Take out the pot and add some chicken essence to improve the taste. Then you can eat it