The method of pineapple prawn ball is very similar to that of Gulu meat in Cantonese cuisine. It is characterized by rich nutrition, burnt outside and tender inside. It tastes sweet and sour. My children like to eat shrimp, like sweet and sour taste, specially made this dish. There are no prawns in the market, so we have to go to the supermarket to buy prawns with fresh pineapples.


180 g shrimp
Half a pineapple
A little green pepper
3 tbsp tomato sauce
10 grams of sugar
A little white pepper
Appropriate amount of corn starch
Half a teaspoon of salt


Step 1
With the newly bought cooking machine, half of the pineapple was washed with salt water and cut into pieces. Most of the pineapple pieces (leaving a small amount) were put into the cooking machine cup.

Step 2
Beat well quickly.

Step 3
After thawing, remove the black thread and wash the shrimps. Drain the water with kitchen paper, add salt, pineapple juice, white pepper and corn starch, and marinate them for half an hour.

Step 4
The salted shrimp will come out of water and wrap in corn starch.

Step 5
Heat the oil pan to 6, 7, and put in the shrimps.

Step 6
Fry until done and remove.

Step 7
Leave some oil in the pan. Pour in tomato sauce, sugar, salt and the remaining pineapple juice.

Step 8
Pour in the shrimps and shake the pan back and forth (preferably without a shovel).

Step 9
Pour in a little green pepper, and then into the pineapple pieces, shake evenly can be out of the pot.