Living in the city for a long time, this way of “morning call” is really rare. The crowing rooster is raised on the balcony by the neighbor in the opposite building. It is estimated that it is the local chicken brought by the relatives in the countryside. It must be something on the table for a day. Can you hear the “morning call” with local flavor again tomorrow morning?? vegetable oil


1 potato
2 persimmon peppers
1 eggplant (green skin)
2G salt
Proper soy sauce
1 section onion
2 garlic
Proper amount of water starch
2G sugar
A little sesame oil
500 ml vegetable oil
A little soup


Step 1
Wash the green eggplant, peel and cut it into hob pieces, peel and cut the potatoes into hob pieces, wash and remove the green pepper, seed and cut it into pieces, cut the green onion into pieces, and cut the garlic into pieces for standby

Step 2
Heat up the oil pan, fry the eggplant until it is broken, and then remove it to control the oil

Step 3
Add potato chips, fry until the skin is burnt and fragrant, remove and control the oil for standby

Step 4
Put the green pepper pieces into the oil pan and fry quickly until fragrant. Remove and control the oil for standby

Step 5
Leave the bottom oil in the pot, put the scallion and minced garlic in the pot and stir fry until fragrant

Step 6
Pour the fried eggplant, potato and green pepper into the pot, add refined salt, sugar and soy sauce, stir fry, add a little high soup, and turn the low heat to "gudu stew" for 1-2 minutes; Turn up the stove fire, pour water, starch and sesame oil, and stir well to get out of the pot