“Di San Xian” is a very distinctive northeast domestic dish. It selects three kinds of seasonal fresh ingredients in the field: eggplant, potato and green pepper. It not only lies in the fresh and strong taste and natural green ingredients, but also covers the nutrition of a variety of ingredients, so that the three very ordinary vegetables can be made into delicious dishes. “Di San Xian” is an eternal classic dish.


150g potatoes
150g eggplant
100g pepper
5g dried pepper
5g ginger powder
20G bean paste
5g mashed garlic
20G sugar
2G chicken essence
5 grams of soy sauce


Step 1
Wash the ingredients, cut potatoes, eggplant and pepper into hobs.

Step 2
Put the potatoes into the pot and water them (temperature 100 ° time 3 '), remove and control the water for standby.

Step 3
Oil the eggplant (temperature 180 ° time 3'20 ") and remove it to control the oil

Step 4
Pepper oil (temperature 180 ° time 2 ')

Step 5
Leave a little oil in the pot, add mashed garlic, minced ginger and bean paste and fry until fragrant. (temperature 160 ° time 1'30 ")

Step 6
Add potatoes, add soy sauce, sugar and chicken essence and stir fry. (temperature 160 ° time 2'30 ")

Step 7
Add eggplant and green pepper, collect the juice and start the pot (temperature 180 ° time 2'30 ")