As the name suggests, lettuce is the most suitable vegetable to eat raw. It is rich in nutrients, and its fiber and vitamin C are more than cabbage, which can eliminate excess fat. In addition to eating raw and stir frying, lettuce can also be stir fried with minced garlic, oyster sauce, tofu and mushroom. The effect of lettuce is different with different collocations.


200g lettuce
1 g salt
30 ml vegetable oil
8 ml oyster sauce


Step 1
Prepare the ingredients

Step 2
Remove the lettuce leaves, wash them, drain the water and break them into small pieces for later use

Step 3
Peel, wash and slice garlic

Step 4
Stir fried garlic slices in oil pan

Step 5
Stir fry lettuce until dark green. Season with a little salt

Step 6
Add oyster sauce and stir well, then serve