Efficacy: nourish the liver and kidney, replenish blood and essence, and improve the symptoms of dizziness, palpitation, fatigue, tinnitus, weak body and yellow complexion caused by anemia.


1 pork loin
15g Polygonum multiflorum
5g Lycium barbarum
5g starch
10g shredded ginger
6 onions
Proper amount of salt oil


Step 1
Wash the pork loin, remove the white inner wall, cut into pieces with a knife, transfer in starch and stir evenly.

Step 2
Cut into kidney flowers

Step 3
Wash wolfberry, Polygonum multiflorum and other materials

Step 4
Heat a red pot with oil. First put scallions in the pan, and then stir fry Polygonum multiflorum for 1 minute

Step 5
Add the kidney and stir fry for 5 minutes

Step 6
Add some water, salt and simmer for one minute

Step 7
Open the lid, pour in medlar, mix well, and serve out of the pot.