This dish in the restaurant needs to find diced chicken in the pile of chili peppers. If you make it at home, you can find chili in the pile of diced chicken.


680g chicken leg meat
13g dry red pepper
5g pepper
15g garlic
5g salt
1 tbsp soy sauce
A little ginger powder
Proper amount of corn oil
1 tbsp cooking wine
A little five spice powder
2 tbsp starch


Step 1
Wash the chicken leg.

Step 2
Cut into 1cm dices.

Step 3
Put diced chicken in a basin and add five spice powder.

Step 4
Put salt

Step 5
Pour in raw soy sauce.

Step 6
Add ginger powder.

Step 7
Add starch.

Step 8
Pour in cooking wine.

Step 9
Stir well and marinate for 15 minutes.

Step 10
Prepare ingredients, slice garlic and cut dry red pepper into sections.

Step 11
Heat the oil in the pot until 60% hot, pour in diced chicken and fry until cooked.

Step 12
After frying, remove and drain the oil.

Step 13
Heat a little oil in the pot, add garlic slices, pepper sections and hemp pepper to saute until fragrant.

Step 14
Add diced chicken and stir fry evenly.