Sauteed Chicken Dices with Chili Peppers, Fresh and spicy~


60 Kejiding
5 Kecongduan
2 Kegan pepper
2 Kejiang
3 Clove garlic
1 Milliliter cooking wine
2 Kejiang powder
3 Gram salt
3 Gram starch
50 Milliliter oil
1 Chinese prickly ash
3 Ml soy sauce
1 Gram sugar www.qq. COM1 gram white sesame


Step 1
Scallion 5g, ginger 2G, garlic 3 pieces

Step 2
Pour 1 ml cooking wine, 2 g ginger powder, 2 g salt and 3 G starch into the chicken

Step 3
Put 50ml oil into the pan, add 60g diced chicken, fry for two minutes over low heat, fry until golden brown

Step 4
In another pot, add 2G dry pepper, 1g Chinese prickly ash, onion, ginger, garlic, diced chicken, 3 ml soy sauce, 1 g salt, 1 g Sugar, 1 g white sesame

Step 5
Collect the juice on high fire and take it out of the pot