I like celery. It is rich in nutrition, contains a lot of carbohydrates and protein, rich in cellulose, helps to improve intestinal function, and the fat reduction effect is obvious. There are many ways to eat celery. It can be fried or cold mixed. It is squeezed into juice, and it is the substitute juice for people who lose weight.


3 sausages
2 celery
1 section of scallion
5 ml peanut oil
2 g salt


Step 1
Prepare the ingredients. Now the celery is so tender. Don't waste the leaves. Wash it and cut it into sections.

Step 2
Wash the floating dust on the surface of sausage and cut it into uniform sheets. Remove the old leaves and roots of celery, leave the fresh and tender leaves, and then cut into segments. Shred the scallions.

Step 3
Put less oil in the frying pan first, then put in the sausage and start stir frying. At the same time, put the green onion together.

Step 4
After a while, the sausage will become transparent, and then it will smell fragrant with scallion. At this time, I really want to eat it.

Step 5
Add celery and stir fry. This dish must not add water. Stir fry quickly. Sausage and celery taste very well.

Step 6
After about half a minute, cut off the celery and season it with salt as appropriate. Celery is crisp, tender and refreshing, and sausage is dry and attractive.