The sauce flavor of big sauce plays a key role here. Only a small spoon can make the taste just moderate. The spicy taste of Pixian Douban can be shown in the aftereffect, and the sweetness of each mouthful of colored pepper is just in place with the combination of Dajiang and Pixian Douban. When it comes to diced meat, the pickled diced meat will keep relative moisture under the high fire and taste tender and smooth!


1 red pepper
1 persimmon pepper
A large piece of chicken breast
A little salt
Two cloves of garlic
6 dried peppers
1 teaspoon cooking wine
1 teaspoon water starch
2 spoonful Pixian bean paste
1 tsp sugar
Proper amount of vegetable oil
1 teaspoon yellow sauce


Step 1
Cut the chicken into 0.7-1 cm cubes, marinate with cooking wine, starch and a little salt for 10 minutes, and then cut the colored pepper into chicken sized slices

Step 2
Hot oil, add garlic, dry pepper stir fry taste; Add the sauce and stir fry over medium heat. Bring the diced chicken to a high heat and fry until discolored

Step 3
After discoloration, add water, starch, sugar and a little salt to taste

Step 4
Add the color pepper and stir fry for several times