I feel so happy that I can pick the macaroni in my vegetable pot. For the first time, it’s the most classic dish in Guangdong: shredded pepper, fermented bean curd and macaroni. It’s delicious. It turns out that the food you grow is really different….. It takes 15 minutes from the plate to the mouth. That’s a good time.


200g macaroni
3-4 pieces of Sufu
Right amount of shredded red pepper
How many slices of garlic


Step 1
You can fry a dish and pick it happily

Step 2
It's easy to wash without chemical fertilizer and pesticide

Step 3
Shredded red pepper, we use dry red pepper, feel the taste will be more complex enough. Four small pieces of tofu, make them into a paste. Smash garlic and cut it into pieces

Step 4
After the oil is put, do not wait for the oil to overheat, then put shredded pepper and garlic into it to saute. Then put the broken sufu. When the oil temperature rises, immediately serve and stir fry. There is no need to put chicken essence in dishes with sufu. At least put it on the plate and fry it in a minute or two. It's delicious. It's delicious