There is no more fresh land than bamboo shoots, and no more fresh river than fish. Fish has always been the representative of fresh, tender, juicy and delicious. All kinds of fish have the same nutritional value, so no matter what fish you eat, you can eat. Moreover, fish is easy to digest and is a very good source of protein. I don’t know if you think that when you eat fish, you will feel better?


1 silver carp
1 bag of green pepper fish seasoning
1 green onion
200g bean sprouts
200g cabbage
10 g dry pepper
2 teaspoons cooking wine
5 cloves of garlic
1 teaspoon starch
4 tbsp vegetable oil
Moderate amount of ginger
2 shallots
Appropriate amount of coriander


Step 1
Wash the fish, prepare the ingredients and set aside

Step 2
Wash the fish and marinate with cooking wine and starch for 10 minutes

Step 3
Heat up the oil in the pot, add garlic, ginger and scallion in turn, and saute until fragrant

Step 4
Saute until fragrant and add the fish seasoning with green pepper

Step 5
Add some water and bring to a boil

Step 6
Put your favorite vegetables, bean sprouts, cabbage leaves, etc

Step 7
Bring the fish to a boil

Step 8
Cook fish fillets and serve with green pepper oil (oil bag)

Step 9
Sprinkle with scallion, coriander, green pepper, sauerkraut and fish