In the northeast, every family from snacks to an old classic dish. When killing pigs in the countryside for the new year, large pieces of pork shout, then stew a pot of pickled vegetables, and finally add the blood sausage filled with their own pig blood. That’s delicious——


1 pickled cabbage
500g pork
4 blood intestines
1 tsp salt
4 grams of soy sauce
10g raw soy sauce
2G pepper
2G bulk
1g chicken essence
2 fragrant leaves
5g scallion and ginger
1 tablespoon lard


Step 1
A unique pickled cabbage in Northeast China. Wash and cut it for standby

Step 2
It's best to use streaky pork. I use the front slot (I prefer to eat lean meat rather than fat meat). Put the pot in cold water, add an appropriate amount of soy sauce, onion, ginger, fragrant leaves and pepper, and cook the meat in five

Step 3
Take it out and cut it

Step 4
Add more lard to the frying pan (if you use streaky pork, add vegetable oil)

Step 5
Stir fry sauerkraut for a while

Step 6
Then, pour the pickled cabbage into the meat soup

Step 7
Put all the cut meat inside, bring to a boil over high fire and simmer over low fire. The more sauerkraut is stewed, the more delicious it is.

Step 8
Cut the blood intestines for standby (filled at home)

Step 9
When sauerkraut is cooked, add salt, raw soy sauce and blood sausage (don't add it too early, blood sausage will cook too old and taste bad)

Step 10
Turn off the fire and add chicken essence

Step 11
When eating, dipping in garlic sauce (mixed with garlic powder and soy sauce) tastes better.