Sauerkraut fried noodles is a genuine northeast dish. Let’s have a brief exchange with you today.


A fan
Random shredded beef
A little chopped green onion
A little shredded ginger
A little minced garlic
A little thirteen incense
A little chicken essence
A little salt


Step 1
Cut onion, ginger and minced garlic.

Step 2
Cut shredded pickled cabbage.

Step 3
Cut the shredded beef and marinate it with a little starch and cooking wine.

Step 4
Soak one of the vermicelli in hot water and take it out for standby.

Step 5
Heat, add edible oil, saute the pot with chopped green onion and shredded ginger.

Step 6
Add the previously pickled shredded beef, stir fry for a few times, change color, and then add thirteen spices to improve the taste.

Step 7
Add the prepared shredded sauerkraut, stir the shredded sauerkraut with chopsticks and break it up.

Step 8
Stir fry and add all water. Don't overdo it.

Step 9
Join the prepared fans and break them up with chopsticks.

Step 10
After stir frying, collect the juice over high heat, add salt and chicken essence before coming out of the pot, add the prepared minced garlic into the pot, stir fry a few times and come out of the pot.