Because I have to remember the spicy food for a week, my little partner asked me to cook light dishes in order to make do with me, so he had a whim to make Sanxian soup


500g white gourd
50g fresh mushrooms
1 ham sausage
500g meatballs
8g starch
0.7 g salt
A little white pepper
A little ginger
A little monosodium glutamate
Proper amount of ginger and scallion
A tomato


Step 1
Cut all the dishes to be cooked and use them separately

Step 2
After the hot pot, pour in a little oil, mushrooms, tomatoes, scallions and ginger, stir fry until fragrant, pour white gourd and ham sausage into the pot, pour in an appropriate amount of water and bring to a boil

Step 3
When the white gourd is medium cooked, put the meat balls into the pot and cook for about two minutes

Step 4
In order to make the little friends eat more delicious, they were given a separate share of water