After a week’s rest, I went back to my mother’s house for a small stay. My mother said that I didn’t eat hot pot at home this year. I said it was not simple. I went shopping on the street and ate it at noon


About a kilo of fresh mushrooms
A lump of gluten
3 ham sausage
About a kilo of Flammulina velutipes
Three Jin hot pot balls
Ten cabbages
A lettuce
A baby vegetable
A large piece of pig blood
About half a catty of shrimp
Two potatoes
A green onion
Half a bowl of sesame paste
Proper amount of salt
A bag of hot pot seasoning


Step 1
We don't have an induction cooker in our house. All the electric cookers are also very convenient. After the water is heated, put it in: hot pot bottom (the clear soup bottom endorsed by Mr. Tengger, whose name is forgotten), onion, tomato, fresh mushroom and Flammulina velutipes, and then start to cook the bottom of the soup for about 40 minutes

Step 2
After the soup is cooked, first put the hot pot balls, pig blood and shrimp into the pot, and prepare the dishes according to your preferences.

Step 3
Wash Flammulina velutipes and set aside

Step 4
I put green vegetables and gluten together and made a plate

Step 5
Wash the fresh mushrooms and put them on a plate for standby

Step 6
Potato chips must have water, or the color will change

Step 7
When I cooked the bottom of the soup, I mixed sesame paste. I added a lot of sesame oil. I love sesame oil best