When my daughter was young, at Christmas, her father and I would secretly put her favorite gifts into a big and beautiful Christmas socks. We did a great job of confidentiality to make my daughter believe that there is really a Santa Claus in the world.


270g high gluten flour
50g fine granulated sugar
55g light cream
35g eggs
35g milk
(65 degrees) 80g soup
2G salt
28g butter
6 g yeast powder


Step 1
Knead all the bread materials except butter together until smooth dough, add butter, continue kneading until film is out, and then ferment for the first time

Step 2
Take the starting dough and divide it into 10 35g small dough and 5 30g small dough after exhaust. After rounding, relax for 15 minutes. Roll a 35g small dough into an oval cake as Santa's face

Step 3
Take a 30g small pastry and roll it into a triangle like pastry. Fold the sharp part at the top and roll the round part at the bottom as Santa's hat

Step 4
From the remaining dough, take 3 grams and knead a small ball as the POM ball at the top of the hat, and then take 5 grams and knead it into a small ball as the nose

Step 5
Take another 35g small dough, roll it into an oval shape and fold it in half

Step 6
Cut into thin strips with a knife and twist each strip into a spiral

Step 7
Just put all these things together and put them on the baking tray for secondary fermentation. When they are ready, brush them with egg liquid as a whole

Step 8
Add an appropriate amount of Monascus powder to the remaining egg liquid to make it red. Brush Santa's hat and nose red with red egg liquid. Preheat the oven at 210 ℃ and bake for 10 minutes. Take it out and let it cool

Step 9
Sift the ball of the hat and beard with powdered sugar, and then paint your eyes with melted chocolate