Today is the beginning of winter, but the climate of Guangdong is always difficult to distinguish the four seasons. Hot pants and vests are all over the street, and it still feels like the end of summer. When I visited the vegetable market in the morning, I saw that all the fresh autumn peanuts on the market were big and plump. I liked them very much, so I bought some salt water peanuts. Autumn peanut flavor is particularly strong, but also with a trace of sweet, good to eat.


500g peanut (fresh)
5g salt


Step 1
Buy fresh peanuts and clean the mud

Step 2
Pour into a deep pan and add water without peanuts

Step 3
Salt release

Step 4
Cover and bring to a boil over high heat. Turn to medium heat and cook for about 40 minutes

Step 5
Pay attention to check if there is dry water on the way. When it's time, take one grain to try whether it's soft and waxy enough. If it's not enough, cook it for 10 minutes more. If it's cool, you can shell it and eat it