Learning from knowledge is simple and easy to operate


Whole or half chicken
A few green onions
5 slices of ginger
20G salt
15 ml soy sauce
15ml cooking wine


Step 1
Salt baked chicken rice cooker

Step 2
Wipe salt, both inside and outside. Wipe hard, don't be afraid to waste salt. After wiping, shake and wipe as evenly as possible.

Step 3
Brush raw, no brush? It's just like smearing salt on raw soy sauce, even in place, a little more and not too much.

Step 4
Cut into large pieces of green onion, sliced ginger. The whole chicken is stuffed. Just a little on both sides.

Step 5
Put it in plastic wrap or bag and refrigerate overnight. It tastes better if it tastes better for a long time.

Step 6
Wipe the inside of the rice cooker clean and put the whole chicken in without saying a word. Take out the onion and ginger and put them on the top. Contact the heating zone directly on this side of the chicken skin.

Step 7
Start the cooking mode of the electric cooker without adding anything. When you jump to the heat preservation mode, add cooking wine or rice wine mixed with 1:1 water. The amount of tea in the bowl is more than half of the bowl. Press the cook button again.

Step 8
It's a great success to switch to insulation mode again