Salt baked chicken, delicious, not difficult to do. A chicken, a handful of salt, no difficulty.


A native chicken
A cup of sea salt


Step 1
I don't like chicken head. If you don't mind, you can keep it.

Step 2
Apply sea salt from inside to outside, marinate for two hours, it will be very salty if it is too long.

Step 3
If you pickle in this way, you will get a lot of water.

Step 4
After two hours, wash off the salt, dry it and put it on the shelf.

Step 5
It's better to find a vent to cool for one night.

Step 6
All kinds of postures and positions should be ventilated and dried, too much water will come out.

Step 7
If there is no ventilation, it's the same with putting it in the refrigerator after drying.

Step 8
If there is still water, wipe it with kitchen paper.

Step 9
The posture of sitting is a little strange, ha ha. Basically, I dried some parts with kitchen paper.

Step 10
Preheat the oven to 360 degrees Fahrenheit, then coat the chicken with oil paper.

Step 11
It's wrapped in tin foil.

Step 12
This is what it looks like two hours later. There is still a lot of water. Pour it out and put it in the oven again.

Step 13
I roasted for about 10 minutes, and the skin of the chicken began to scorch. Turning it over, I continued to bake it. The skin of the chicken would be crispy. It's very enjoyable. Just eat one chicken leg and one chicken wing