Salt baked chicken is a special traditional Cantonese cuisine, which is also one of the local Hakka signature dishes in Guangdong. It is popular in Guangdong and has become a classic dish at home and abroad. It’s convenient and quick to make salt baked chicken at home, and it doesn’t need so many seasonings. It only needs a bag of salt baked chicken powder, a chicken, a few catties of coarse salt and a casserole that can endure high temperature and dry without cracking. The baked chicken is yellowish in color, crisp in skin, tender in meat, delicious in bone and meat, and attractive in flavor.


One (net weight 600 g left) chick
1 bag (30g) of salt baked chicken powder
4 jin sea salt


Step 1
Prepare the chicken and salt baked chicken powder.

Step 2
After the chicken is washed, use the kitchen paper towel to absorb the water.

Step 3
Spread the salt baked chicken powder evenly on the skin of the chicken and put some on the stomach.

Step 4
Put a shelf in the basin, put the chicken on the shelf and marinate for one hour. When the chicken is pickled, it will come out of the water. After it is put on the shelf, the water will drain down.

Step 5
Wrap the chicken in sandpaper. The sandpaper is thin and can be wrapped in two layers.

Step 6
Heat up the frying pan. Pour in the sea salt and fry it over low heat.

Step 7
Put 2 knuckles of sea salt at the bottom of the casserole.

Step 8
Put the chicken in the casserole.

Step 9
Lay the rest of the sea salt on it and cover all the chickens.

Step 10
Cover and bake over medium heat for about 45 minutes.

Step 11
Turn off the heat and simmer for 30 minutes. Remove and spread the sandpaper.