I read a lot of salt baked chicken on the Internet. They are all made of salt baked chicken powder. My family has always simmered them with large pieces of salt, and I don’t need to put anything else. It tastes more original.


1 / 2 chicken
1500 g sea salt


Step 1
Wash the chicken, and then wipe the water off the chicken with kitchen paper towel. Because I don't need to wrap the chicken, the water will make the chicken salty. Yeah

Step 2
The bottom of the pot is two to three centimeters thick, then put the chicken in the middle, and then spread the rest of the salt until you can't see the chicken.

Step 3
Close the lid and turn on the medium fire first. If it starts to smoke, turn it to low fire. Turn off the fire after 30 minutes.

Step 4
Dig out the chicken, shake the salt off the chicken, chop it, tear it by hand, eat it.