Baked chicken in electric rice cooker is a very simple dish, which takes a long time to make. You can eat it within a few minutes after the pickled chicken is put on the electric rice cooker. Moreover, the baked chicken is very tender and smooth. It’s such a simple and fast dish. Please try it for your classmates.


Half a chicken
2 tbsp cooking oil
2 g salt
2G salt and pepper
2 g pepper
100g chives


Step 1
Food collection

Step 2
Clean the chicken

Step 3
Mix pepper, salt and pepper to make a marinade

Step 4
Apply marinade to every part of the chicken body, and press several times when the meat is thick to taste

Step 5
Let stand for at least 4 hours

Step 6
Put 2 tbsp oil in the rice cooker and put the scallion into the bottom

Step 7
Put the chicken into the pot and press the "cook" button. In a few minutes, it will automatically jump to keep warm

Step 8
In a few minutes, open the lid and insert the chopsticks into the thick part of the chicken leg. If there is no blood flowing out, the chicken is cooked. On the contrary, press the "cook" button and cook until it automatically jumps to keep warm