I got a salmon by chance. I didn’t know how to do it for a long time. Back on Baidu search some recipes, and then changed some, so got now this.


Half salmon
4 pieces of tofu
50g Flammulina velutipes
A few shredded ginger
Half a garlic
1 tomato


Step 1
First of all, get all the materials ready and put them in separate dishes. Wash the fish and remove the gills.

Step 2
After washing the salmon head, dry the water. Pour the oil into the pan and let it heat up before putting the salmon in.

Step 3
When the fish is golden, add ginger and garlic.

Step 4
Ginger garlic stir fry, put tomatoes, stir fry, put a little cooking wine.

Step 5
Wait for the tomatoes to stir fry for a while, put in water (or soup), and when the water boils, put in tofu and Flammulina velutipes. Finally, cook over low heat for 20 minutes. Put in the green onion. It's ready to come out

Step 6
Small fire 20 minutes later, perfect.