Summer is the season of exposing flesh and legs, and it is also the season for women. Women with good figure look beautiful in everything, but many women can only be greedy. Only they can understand why there is such a big difference between women. Young ladies and sisters who can’t lose weight may as well spend five minutes reading this article, Teach you a delicious food. Eat it in summer. One bowl is equivalent to running for half an hour. Stick to it in January and lose 10 kg! Help you throw meat easily, don’t miss the good time of summer, put on beautiful summer clothes!


Half dragon fruit
200g cassava starch
A cucumber
Appropriate amount of sesame oil
Appropriate amount of small red oil
Two parsley
Two small red peppers
Proper pepper oil


Step 1
The ingredients are ready. Only when cassava starch is added can it have the taste of q-bomb. It is not recommended to change to other flour. If the ingredients need to be changed, then change potato starch or corn starch. The taste will be so different.

Step 2
Peel the pitaya fruit, mash it, add cassava starch, and knead it into a fine dough by hand. The pitaya fruit is large and small, so the powder is added slowly according to the hand feeling. Add the powder when it is thin, and add the Pitaya pulp when it is dry.

Step 3
Break off a ball of fire dragon puree, put it on the chopping board and rub it into a thumb thick strip.

Step 4
Cut into small doses with a scraper.

Step 5
Pinch the small dosage slightly, put it in the palm of your hand, rub it into a fish with two tips and a drum in the middle, and put it on a plate sprinkled with dry powder for standby..

Step 6
After washing the cucumber, cut it into filaments, and put the tender ginger into the basin. However, cucumber is a cool food, 96% of which is water. It can remove the waste heat in the body and has the effect of removing heat and detoxification. Cucumber and pitaya in this dish are relatively cold. Most women have a cool constitution. The diet is too rich to pay attention to the body, so it is specially matched with a sufficient amount of shredded tender ginger to neutralize.

Step 7
The rubbed dragon fruit fish is put into a boiling water pot and boiled over a high fire. After cooking, the fish floats, the surface is crystal clear, and the volume is obviously larger, which means that the fish is ripe.

Step 8
Take out the cooked pitaya fish.

Step 9
Soak in cold boiled water to prevent fish adhesion.

Step 10
When all the ingredients are ready, you can start mixing. When making cold vegetables, remember to put oil first and lock the water on the surface of the vegetables. In this way, the cold vegetables will not come out of the water, and the vegetables mixed out are very watery. Use sesame oil instead of vegetable oil, which is fresh and fragrant.

Step 11
Mix sesame oil well and add it into the raw soy sauce. There is also salt in the raw soy sauce. Be sure to add it after putting in the oil and mixing well.

Step 12
Add the small red pepper ring and minced garlic, add an appropriate amount of salt and a little rice vinegar, and mix well.