Cold eggplant and cold dish are popular in any season because they serve rice. There are many ways to make eggplant. I think cold salad is the simplest way and the one that uses the least oil.


300g eggplant
10g aged vinegar
5g coriander
10g soy sauce
1g sesame
6G red pepper
6G green pepper
5g sesame oil


Step 1
Wash the eggplant, cut it into sections and steam it in a steamer for 10 minutes

Step 2
The skin of steamed eggplant has changed color

Step 3
Put the steamed eggplant on a plate and let it cool

Step 4
The eggplant to be cooled is torn into strips by hand and placed on a plate

Step 5
Sprinkle with green and red peppers

Step 6
Sprinkle with coriander

Step 7
Sprinkle sesame seeds

Step 8
Then mix the seasoned vinegar, soy sauce and sesame sesame oil into the sauce and pour it evenly on the eggplant