Salad meat floss bread is really my true love. In the past, I often ordered salad meat floss in the milk bar at work. I like it very much and am not tired of eating it. Therefore, this must be done since I made my own bread. Now I don’t know whether I spoiled my mouth or it’s really not delicious outside. I haven’t bought salad meat floss outside for a year. I bought one one one day and couldn’t eat it without a few bites. Sure enough, it’s still healthy and delicious


330g high gluten flour
230 g water
50g fine granulated sugar
50g egg liquid
15g milk powder
30g butter
5g yeast
5g salt
Appropriate amount of black sesame


Step 1
Put 30g high gluten flour and 100g water into the milk pot, boil the soup over a low heat, stir while cooking, and turn off the fire until it is paste

Step 2
Cool a little, then wrap it with plastic wrap and refrigerate for 1 hour

Step 3
In addition to butter, add the remaining materials into the bread bucket (100g water is used for the soup seed, and 130g water is added into the bread bucket). Take out the refrigerated soup seed from the refrigerator and put it in. Knead the dough according to the bread dough, add butter after kneading, and then continue kneading and fermentation (the water content of the soup seed is relatively large, which is a relatively thin paste)

Step 4
After fermentation, the dough will be bright and smooth. The membrane can be pulled out with a slight pull, and the pulled membrane hole is round

Step 5
Then pour it out and divide it into small dough of 50 grams each. Roll the dough into long strips first, and then fold it up and down to the middle. Sprinkle a little starch on the table to prevent sticking

Step 6
Then fold it in half and rotate it for 90 degrees, roll it out like this and roll it into a rectangle (the purpose of steps 5-6 is to make the rolled rectangle more regular)

Step 7
Then use scissors to cut into strips 0.5-0.8cm wide on one side of the rectangle. When cutting, try to be as uniform in length and width as possible

Step 8
Brush a layer of salad dressing on the left, and brush a little powder on the strips on the right to prevent sticking at the cut

Step 9
Then spread floss over the salad dressing on the left

Step 10
Gently roll up from the left side to the right side, put the interface downward into the baking pan covered with tarpaulin, and ferment again in a warm place to twice the size, If the oven has the function of fermentation, it can be directly put into the oven for fermentation (when moving to the baking pan, be careful to transfer, and keep the shape of many strips well. If you want to bend the shape, it can be slightly bent when you put it; when fermenting, you can cover the fresh-keeping film as needed to prevent the surface from being too dry)

Step 11
When the hair is twice as big, take it out, open the oven, put it on fire for 200 degrees, put it on fire for 180 degrees and start preheating