The 3.8 Kwai sweet snack is very quick, tastes good, has milk fragrance, has the thick rose fragrance. And the method is simple, but the nutrition is very rich. Rose is sweet in nature. It can move Qi, relieve depression, harmonize blood and relieve pain. It is very suitable for women. Yam has very good nutritional value, strengthening spleen, dehumidification and Qi, etc., so sometimes the handy dishes can also be used to spoil themselves.


500g yam
1 handful of rose tea


Step 1
Put the yam into the pot and steam it. Put the Steamed Yam into the basin

Step 2
Add dry roses while hot, and add an appropriate amount of milk powder

Step 3
Add an appropriate amount of fine granulated sugar to taste, grind the yam into mud, stir evenly, and shape it with a mold