Roses are sweet and bitter in taste and warm in nature. The most obvious effects are regulating qi and relieving depression, promoting blood circulation and dispersing stasis, regulating menstruation and relieving pain. In addition, the medicine of rose is very mild. It can warm people’s heart, liver and blood, relax the depression in the body, and have the effects of calming, soothing and antidepressant.


250g yam
4 Rose Tea
40g condensed milk


Step 1
Prepare the required ingredients

Step 2
Peel and slice the yam and steam it in an electric rice cooker

Step 3
During steaming yam, you can break rose tea into pieces for standby

Step 4
Yams are steamed so that they can be easily pierced with chopsticks

Step 5
Use a spoon to crush the yam into mud, and then pour in the broken roses

Step 6
Add condensed milk and stir well

Step 7
Put the mixed yam mud into the flower mounting bag and squeeze out the shape you like