Have you ever eaten Shaomai? It’s like a flower on the top. It’s a very popular snack. The common roasted wheat is filled with glutinous rice meat. I’ve made it before. Suddenly I wanted to eat it. As a result, my husband forgot to buy glutinous rice. Later, I had an idea. I simply didn’t want glutinous rice and replaced it with corn and meat fillings. Unexpectedly, the taste was very delicious and popular. The children couldn’t wait to take pictures.


250g minced meat
Half root sweet corn
Half a carrot
A little black fungus
1 tablespoon salt
A little Jiale stir fried fresh dew
20ml yellow rice wine
A little chopped green onion
A little ginger
Proper dumpling skin


Step 1
Black fungus bubble hair in advance

Step 2
Black fungus minced

Step 3
Chopped carrot, onion and ginger

Step 4
Minced fresh meat with a little fat

Step 5
Peel fresh corn kernels

Step 6
Add all the ingredients into a large basin, add salt, Jiale, stir fry fresh dew and wine, and stir well

Step 7
This is the corn meat filling. Set aside

Step 8
Roll the dumpling skin slightly larger with a rolling pin

Step 9
Wrap in an appropriate amount of stuffing

Step 10
Pinch it with a tiger's mouth. Don't pinch it tightly

Step 11
Steam over high heat for about 15 minutes