In summer, steamed wheat is very popular in my family, old and young. I squeezed the vegetable juice with the chef’s machine, and then mixed the noodles with this juice. This dough is harder than steamed bread dough, because it needs a harder crust to wrap Shaomai. It’s even easier for the chef to grind meat. A kilogram of meat feels like it’s mixed into stuffing in less than 2 minutes. There’s no need to do these manually. It’s really easy to eat Shaomai.


500g mutton leg
200g pork
300g flour
150g green vegetables
100g vermicelli
400g green onions
2G five spice powder
20G ginger powder
10g soy sauce
8 g salt
30g yellow rice wine
50g water
20G sesame oil


Step 1
Mutton and pork are cut into pieces. Originally, all mutton was used. In summer, it was mixed with a little cold pork

Step 2
Stir the meat into meat stuffing with the meat grinding function of the chef's machine

Step 3
Minced meat stuffing with ginger, five spice powder, salt and yellow rice wine

Step 4
After stirring evenly, add 50g of water in several times. Stir each time until it is completely absorbed, and then add the next time

Step 5
Stir up the meat filling

Step 6
Cook the vermicelli with water, add a little soy sauce and five spice powder, and then cut them into pieces and put them into the mixed meat filling

Step 7
Mix the vermicelli and meat stuffing evenly, then add the chopped scallions. Mix the scallions with sesame oil first, and then mix them with the stuffing

Step 8
Mix the stuffing and set aside

Step 9
Blanch the spinach, squeeze out the excess water, add the same amount of water, install the juice cup of the cook machine, turn on the cook machine to gear 7, stir at high speed for 2 minutes, and crush the spinach into a paste

Step 10
Take 150g spinach paste and add flour

Step 11
Start 1-2 gears of the cook machine and mix into dough

Step 12
Cut the two kinds of dough separately. Green is three times the size of white

Step 13
Put the white medicine on it and roll it into thin discs

Step 14
Wrap the stuffing, properly close the mouth, don't close it too tightly, it's convenient to pour juice when eating

Step 15
Boil the water and steam for 10 minutes.

Step 16
When eating, you can pour mashed garlic, sesame paste, chili oil and so on