Crisp sesame jujube, in fact, is the dough into a jujube shape, and then fried. Each place may have a similar snack, Guangdong called “xiaokouzao”. I seldom make fried food. One is that a family can’t eat as much as three mouthfuls, and the oil of fried food is not easy to consume. Another reason is that fried food is not suitable for eating more, so I made this oven version of crispy sesame jujube with less oil and sugar. This crisp sesame jujube with Australian wheat cob flour, 100% imported from Australia raw materials, good gluten quality, rich in protein, taste super strong road, good sesame jujube taste is hard and crisp, not greasy, there is a unique wheat flavor, but to cool before eating, just out of the oven inside the stuffing will be very hot. If you want to be more fragrant, you should extend the baking time appropriately. If you don’t like to be too hard, you can add some sugar, lard and noodles appropriately.


200g Australian wheat core flour
3G aluminum free baking powder
110g water
150g red bean paste filling
50g white sesame


Step 1
Prepare the required ingredients and weigh them as needed.

Step 2
I use the raw white sesame, so first use a small fire to fry it slowly; If it is cooked white sesame, this step can be avoided.

Step 3
Australian wheat cob flour into stainless steel plate, no aluminum foam powder also put in, you can sift, and then pour into water.

Step 4
Then stir quickly with chopsticks to make the flour flocculent.

Step 5
Put the dough on the silicone kneading pad by hand and knead it repeatedly like washing clothes to form a smooth dough. Then put it in a fresh-keeping bag and let it stand for 10-20 minutes.

Step 6
Weigh the red bean paste on the market and divide it into 21 portions.

Step 7
Weigh the dough with an electronic scale and divide it into 21 portions.

Step 8
Roll each dough round and flat, then roll it round with a small rolling pin.

Step 9
Put the red bean paste stuffing into the dough, squeeze the closing place tightly with the tiger mouth, and rub it into a long strip.

Step 10
Put a little water in the bowl, dip the surface of the rolled strip with water, and then roll it in the fried white sesame to make the surface stick with white sesame. If you are worried about losing the sesame, you can hold it tightly with the palm of your hand, and then rub it round again.

Step 11
Put the crispy sesame jujube into the baking tray with oil paper. Spray water mist on the surface with a spray can and let it stand for a while.

Step 12
Start to preheat the oven, 195 degrees, up and down the fire and hot air function, set time about 20 minutes; The 58 liter steaming oven I used, if the family's oven is about 30 liters, the time and temperature should be appropriately reduced or adjusted according to the actual situation. The roasted product will have a little crack and taste hard and crisp.