Eating lotus root in summer is very beneficial to the body. Lotus root has very high nutritional and medicinal value. It tastes sweet and crisp and tastes smooth. It is a rare slimming vegetable. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that lotus root is cold in nature and has a good effect of clearing away heat and fire. It is especially suitable for women with acne and fire on their face due to blood heat. The cooked lotus root has become warm in nature. It has a good role in nourishing the stomach, protecting the spleen and stomach and nourishing blood and Qi. It is a good nourishing food, especially for people with dry skin and bad face caused by lack of Qi and blood and weakness of the spleen and stomach. Lotus root also contains mucin and dietary fiber, which can combine with cholate in human body, cholesterol and triglyceride in food to excrete it from feces, so as to reduce the absorption of lipids. Lotus root emits a unique fragrance and contains tannin. It has a certain effect of strengthening the spleen and stopping diarrhea. It can enhance appetite, promote digestion, appetize and healthy, and is beneficial to the recovery of those with poor appetite and loss of appetite.


250g lotus root slices
1 tablespoon sweet noodle sauce
1 tablespoon raw soy sauce
A little white sesame
A little cumin


Step 1
The bagged lotus root slices bought directly in the supermarket this time do not need to be cut. If you buy a large piece, cut it into lotus root slices about 5mm thick. Don't cut it too thin. It's easy to break.

Step 2
Put the sweet flour sauce, original sauce, cumin powder and white sesame directly into a large bowl, add an appropriate amount of purified water and stir evenly.

Step 3
Dip the lotus root slices into the juice.

Step 4
Take out the baking basket, spread tin foil, and lay the lotus root slices soaked in juice on the tin foil.

Step 5
Put it into the air frying oven and set it at 180 degrees for 8-10 minutes.

Step 6
After the baking is completed, the plate can be served.