As a Cantonese, Shaowei must love to eat. The Shaowei in the market is too expensive and not delicious. Then I want to do it at home. It’s cheap, delicious and hygienic


500g spareribs
Moderate salt
Right amount of spareribs sauce
A little honey


Step 1
Haitian's spareribs sauce is better than Li Jinji's. I don't like the smell of Li Jinji. Besides, the price of Li Jinji is three times that of Haitian

Step 2
This is a picture of pickled pork. You must put salt in it. Otherwise, it's not enough to put sauce in it. After marinating, it's better to put it in the refrigerator for more than 12 hours. You can cut the spareribs and then marinate them. It's my personal hobby

Step 3
Put it in the oven at 200 ℃ for 20 minutes. If it is not preheated, bake for 5 to 10 more minutes. Look at your oven. If it's bleeding, it's not ripe

Step 4
It's better to cut and spread honey after baking