Germ rice has high nutritional value and sweet taste. It tastes better when paired with meat slicing section.


200g germ rice
100g pork tenderloin
50g carrot
50g green pepper
20G rape
500g soybean salad oil
10g scallion
10g garlic
10g raw soy sauce
2 g salt
25g flour
2 g ginger
5g corn starch


Step 1
Germ rice ready

Step 2
Germ rice with water

Step 3
Steam the germ rice in a pot for 40 minutes and set aside

Step 4
Cut pork tenderloin into pieces, add flour and stir well

Step 5
All ingredients are ready

Step 6
Remove the rape by boiling water

Step 7
In a bowl, add soy sauce, salt, corn starch and water. Stir well and mix into juice

Step 8
Add oil to the pot and bring to a boil. Add pork and fry until cooked

Step 9
Fish out the meat

Step 10
Put oil in the pot, add carrot slices, green pepper slices, rape section, onion and ginger and fry until cooked

Step 11
Add the mixed juice and stir fry

Step 12
Add fried pork and stir fry. Add garlic slices and stir well

Step 13
Put the germ rice into the plate and pour the prepared meat slicing section on the rice

Step 14
It's better to eat a bowl of germ rice, treat yourself well, a bowl of good rice and hard food.