As the saying goes, winter tonic spring tiger, winter for women who are particularly afraid of cold is a special need to supplement the period, and the most important thing is blood. Do you still remember the tangerine peel and red bean paste that Cantonese like to eat in China II? Red bean is the edge of blood, but red bean is a little fishy, not very delicious, tangerine peel just neutralized this unpleasant taste, and there is a slightly sour, can help digest the winter greasy diet Oh! But you can’t eat it with bean paste all day, so you might as well add some brown rice with high vitamin content to make a pot of delicious rice!


1 spoonful of Japonica Rice
1 teaspoon red beans
1 teaspoon brown rice
How many tangerine peel


Step 1
Mix half japonica rice with half brown rice

Step 2
Clean the dust on the surface of tangerine peel and cut it into small strips

Step 3
Red beans inflate overnight

Step 4
Add water one centimeter above the rice, red beans and other ingredients

Step 5
Put it on the steamer and steam it for 15 minutes