Rice with curry meatballs


200g rice
100g meatballs
30g carrot
Right amount of red pepper
Appropriate amount of diced potato (dehydrated)


Step 1
Cut potatoes, red peppers, carrots and larger meatballs into small pieces

Step 2
Stir fry the carrots for a while, then add the diced potatoes and stir fry until the carrots are soft.

Step 3
Add meatballs and diced red pepper

Step 4
Add some water and cook for a while

Step 5
Put the curry pieces into the pot and stir well

Step 6
After the curry pieces are evenly stirred, the spatula should be stirred all the time so as not to paste the pot

Step 7
After the rice is cooked in an electric cooker, take out the mold and make the required model,

Step 8
Then pour the cooked curry meatballs over it