This dish will appear in the second season of my program delicious summoning order. Just look at the photos, its lineup can be said to be quite luxurious! There is chicken and meat, there is not a drop of water in the whole process, and I haven’t put salt, but the taste is really wonderful


A whole chicken
A pig's hoof
A small piece of streaky pork
Proper ginger slices
Two onion knots
Proper amount of rock sugar
A small bowl of raw soy sauce
Half bowl of soy sauce
Proper fuel consumption
Moderate yellow rice wine
An octagon
Two fragrant leaves


Step 1
Boil raw soy sauce, old soy sauce, rock sugar, fragrant leaves and star anise together to melt the rock sugar

Step 2
After boiling, because there is rock sugar, the sauce will be thicker, and then placed at room temperature

Step 3
Slice the streaky pork, chop the pig's hoof into small pieces, remove the internal organs of the chicken and deal with it

Step 4
I use a cast iron pot with good sealing. I can also use a casserole. Lay a layer of ginger first

Step 5
Then brush the streaky pork with sauce and spread it on it

Step 6
Code a circle of pig's feet on the streaky pork, brush the sauce, and then put a green onion knot in the middle

Step 7
The inside of the chicken is also stuffed with Scallion knots and ginger slices

Step 8
Button up the chicken, brush the sauce, brush the rest of the sauce together, and then pour an appropriate amount of Shaoxing rice wine. It's about this position. Boil the back cover, put the cover on, and simmer over low heat for about two hours

Step 9
It's time to take out the chicken. The chicken is still complete, but the taste is all in. I can't help pulling my thigh to eat. I didn't take pictures when I think of it. I put it back again. Hahaha, let's eat, partners