Rice noodles with pickled vegetables I made it with pickled vegetables. I especially like this kind of pickled vegetables. There are not only soup sauces, but also seasonings at the bottom of the bowl. It tastes really good. It’s much better than the self-made vegetable base. It’s especially easy. If you want to cook vegetables, you can cook all kinds of ingredients with base materials, and then mix them with seasonings. The taste is not much different from that of other restaurants, and even better than that of some restaurants. I have eaten several restaurants, and the taste is not as delicious as what I made myself. The price is really not cheap. All ingredients are weighed by kilograms, and meat and vegetables are not the same price, Two people don’t have more than 100 yuan to eat at a time. They can’t eat enough. Therefore, I now cook at home and buy whatever I want. Cooking is much cheaper than eating outside. Rice noodles are rice even if they are dishes. When they are made into vegetables, they are more delicious and more delicious!


500g rice flour
500g various balls
1 bean skin
300g lotus root
A packet of pickled vegetable base
A green onion
2 shallots
10g ginger
50g coriander
20G white sesame


Step 1
Ingredients: 300g fresh rice flour, a bag of wide flour, a section of lotus root, an appropriate amount of hot pot balls, and a piece of tofu skin

Step 2
Wash the rice flour and wide flour and soak them in cold water for a while. It's easier to cook. Wash the lotus root, peel and slice it, slice ginger, wash and cut the shallots and shallots, and cut the bean curd into wide strips

Step 3
Blanch the lotus root in boiling water for about minutes and fish it up in cold water. It's crispy

Step 4
Rice flour and wide flour are put into boiling water, boiled a little, and fished up in cold water. This is more delicious. All kinds of balls are thawed. If they are hard vegetables with strong taste, it is recommended to blanch water.

Step 5
Add chicken soup or water into the pot, add the vegetable base, green onion and ginger slices, and bring to a boil

Step 6
Cook the rice noodles together with wide flour, bean skin and balls until they are well cooked. Cook more for a while to taste better

Step 7
Add lotus root slices and cook a little

Step 8
Pour the pickled vegetable base into the large basin

Step 9
Put the cooked rice noodles into a large basin with various ingredients