Hefen, also known as Jitiao, is called Jitiao by overseas Chinese in Fujian, Chaoshan and Singapore. It is a common snack ingredient in Guangdong, Guangxi and Southeast Asia of China. It originated from Shahe of Guangzhou around 1860, hence its name. Rice flour is rich in carbohydrates and constitutes an important substance of the body; Storage and supply of heat energy; Energy needed to maintain brain function; Regulating fat metabolism; Provide dietary fiber; Saving protein; Detoxification; Enhance intestinal function.


Rice noodles for 2 people
20G (sliced meat) pork
Half a cabbage
1 garlic seedling
Proper fuel consumption
2 garlic
1 tbsp soy sauce


Step 1
Be ready to buy a thin q-bar. Remember to choose a thinner q-bar when you buy it

Step 2
Prepare sliced meat and cut into strips. Wash garlic and cut into sections. Chop garlic and set asideļ¼ˆ Wash the cabbage, cut it into strips and set it aside

Step 3
Heat the oil in a hot pan and put down the meat sticks over low heat (you can change lean meat, ham sausage, seafood, etc. according to your taste)

Step 4
Add garlic and garlic, turn out the fragrance (medium low heat)

Step 5
Ah ha ha. At this time, you can roll down the cabbage and stir fry with a little salt

Step 6
Pour in the rice flour and stir fry. Turn down the heat and add some oyster sauce and soy sauce. Then stir fry over medium heat. Add a little cold water and stir fry evenly