Rice noodles with northeast taste. This is what rice noodles do when they are spread to the northeast. Although they are not authentic, they are in line with the taste of northeast people, so I like them very much.


200g rice noodles
6 tribute pills
50g bean sprouts
1 lettuce
1 piece of dried tofu
A bowl of chicken soup
A spoonful of sesame oil
Two tablespoons chili oil
A spoonful of chicken essence
Proper amount of salt


Step 1
Gongwan slice

Step 2
Wash the bean sprouts

Step 3
Wash the lettuce

Step 4
Shredded dried tofu

Step 5
I didn't buy dried rice noodles, only this kind of plastic, it's best to dry them

Step 6
Put hot water in the pot to scald these ingredients, and the rice noodles should be boiled

Step 7
Put water in the pot, a bowl of chicken soup, salt, chicken essence, chili oil and sesame oil to taste

Step 8
When the water is about to boil, take out the ingredients and put them into the soup

Step 9
Just boil it

Step 10
It's better to put less vinegar