I’ve always been greedy for casserole rice. Today I finally started to make it. The effect is good. Share it with friends and try it together. Soy sauce I take sushi soy sauce, this will be more delicious, not very salty. The amount of sauce added to the rice is also based on personal taste, so the formula is given the proportion of deployment. Use small fire in the whole process!


Right amount of rice
Appropriate amount of water
2 teaspoons olive oil
Moderate amount of vegetables
Appropriate amount of sausage or homemade crispy sausage and shrimp, etc
1 egg


Step 1
Wash the rice properly and put it into a stone pot or sand pot with oil.

Step 2
Add the right amount of water, the amount of water for cooking.

Step 3
Open the lid and cook over low heat until there is still a little water.

Step 4
Add your own crispy sausages or sausages and beat in an egg.

Step 5
When you close the lid, you should pay attention to it. After a while, you can open the lid.

Step 6
Pour a circle of olive oil along the edge of the pan with a spoon. It doesn't take much.

Step 7
Just continue to cover and cook. Adding oil will serve as a long pot. Turn off the fire, put in the vegetables cooked with water, you can serve. You can also add vegetables in the previous step.

Step 8
Mix the sauce, sushi, soy sauce and oyster sauce in a ratio of 2:1. Finally, add a spoonful of olive oil and mix well. You can also directly add rice dressing sauce and your favorite sauce without sauce. It's a good choice.

Step 9
It's made of shrimp.