Shanghai pickled rice is a typical representative of Shanghai cuisine. It has a long history and is also the embodiment of Shanghai People’s living, diligence and thrift.


1 bowl of leftover rice
1 bowl of soup
1 green vegetable
A little salt


Step 1
Materials for making kimchi: leftover rice, green vegetables and soup.

Step 2
Put the rice into the inner tank of the pressure cooker, pour down the soup, and add some water.

Step 3
Cover the pot, but do not close it completely, and start the power supply.

Step 4
Chop the vegetables and set aside.

Step 5
After the pot is opened, open the lid two minutes later. First put the green vegetable stem in and stir.

Step 6
Wait until the pot boils before you put the leaves down.

Step 7
Open the pot again, add some salt to taste, and stir well.