Casserole rice is our favorite, and it’s convenient to make. With the temptation of sweet grandmother’s homemade sausage, how can we not make it! Kunbo casserole has a good heat storage function, so it’s very fast to make casserole rice. My casserole is a little bigger, so it’s better to use the smaller one, ha ha!


330g rice
2 large sausages
Seven or eight vegetables
An egg
500 grams of water
20G soy sauce
5g veteran
5g delicious juice
5g sesame oil
8 g Sugar
5g salt
50g cold boiled water


Step 1
Soak the rice for half an hour

Step 2
Slice the sausage and blanch the vegetables (add a little oil and salt to the blanching water to keep the vegetables bright)

Step 3
Brush oil on inner wall of casserole

Step 4
Put the soaked rice into the pot and add water. The ratio of rice to water is 1:1.5

Step 5
Bring to a boil, then turn to a low heat

Step 6
When you see that there is no blister on the surface of the rice, you can put the sausage and vegetables in, beat an egg in the middle, and continue to simmer

Step 7
Mix the sauce and set aside

Step 8
Smell the flavor of sausage, turn off the heat for ten minutes, pour in the sauce and stir to get out of the pot.