Lazy people have lazy methods. Ha ha, it’s time-saving and labor-saving to use electric rice cooker. It’s delicious, juicy and smooth. Collect it


1 chicken
Moderate amount of ginger
Half a garlic
4-5 octagons
Moderate salt
Proper amount of oil
Proper amount of cooking wine


Step 1
Wash the chicken, remove the internal organs, pat and massage for a few times, spread salt on it on average, and marinate for 30 minutes

Step 2
Shred the ginger and prepare the star anise together

Step 3
After marinating, put some ginger and star anise into chicken belly

Step 4
Seal with a toothpick

Step 5
Pour cooking wine into the other side of the chicken

Step 6
Toothpick sealing

Step 7
Oil the inner wall of rice cooker

Step 8
Oil the whole chicken and put it in the rice cooker

Step 9
Put ginger and star anise on it

Step 10
Press the cook button, and the rice cooker will jump to the heat preservation button in 5-6 minutes. At this time, open the cover, turn the chicken to the other side, close the cover, and continue to press the cook button. This process is repeated twice to ensure that the chicken is well cooked and the meat is just fine

Step 11
Make seasoning, cut ginger and garlic, put them into a bowl, and pour in soy sauce

Step 12
Hot pot oil, oil heat, while hot oil into seasoning bowl, seasoning completed.

Step 13
Take the chicken out of the rice cooker. If you like it cool and tender, you can also wrap it with plastic wrap and soak it in ice water for 30 minutes before eating it. I like to eat it while it's hot, ha ha

Step 14
It can be shredded and delicious

Step 15
Look, it's drooling