This mixed dish tastes good. It can be used as a small dish for breakfast. It’s a good choice to take a bowl of porridge or noodles. The peanuts are fried by yourself. Let it cool a little. They are crispy and delicious. The sauce mixed by yourself tastes better. My WeChat official account love your little buddy.


150g round lettuce
100g cucumber
100g carrot
5g fungus
30g peanuts
5g coriander
3 G sesame
3 G pepper
Proper oil
Proper amount of salt
1g chicken essence
1g white granulated sugar
Appropriate amount of vinegar


Step 1
Soak agaric one night in advance and shred round lettuce

Step 2
Sliced cucumber

Step 3
Shred carrot, fungus and coriander, and put them all into a big bowl

Step 4
Bake sesame seeds and put them in a small bowl

Step 5
Stir fry the peanuts until fragrant, cool them and pour them into the freshly cut vegetable bowl

Step 6
Put a small amount of oil in the hot pot, add pepper and fry until fragrant. After frying, remove the pepper and discard it

Step 7
Prepare sauce: pour the oil just fried pepper into the sesame bowl, and then add an appropriate amount of white granulated sugar, vinegar, salt and chicken essence to mix well

Step 8
Pour the sauce on the dish and mix well